Mismanagement 2019/20

The Mismanagement Team is here to help and ensure that Hash lives matter, stay fun, and the beer flows.

Grand Master (GM) – Head With My Mom

The Grand Master or GM is the supreme drunk herder, and babysitter. The responsibility of the GM includes lame administration duties, announcements, and ensuring the rest of the mismanagement team is too drunk to do their assigned duties.

Religious Advisor (RA) – Gaypole!

The Religious Advisers or “RA’s”, is elected by all the lazy obnoxious assholes that want to be entertained while drinking beer. RA is in charge of controlling all events that take place during the circle after the hares lay their shitty trail for the evening and the hounds have hashed it. Responsibilities bestowed upon him by the Hash gods, include collecting and telling 100% true stories, passing judgement on accusations of the guilty, and usually making hashers do things they are willing and wanting to do.

Curate – Spanks The Turkey and 2 Dot Katoy

A Curate is responsible for everything in the form of nothing, taking the place of one or more or all absent mismanagement members and completely making a mess of things buy them a drink.

Scrotum I mean Hash Scribe – N/A

If you love the limelight make sure you do something stupid and it will be scribed in stone and when I say stone I mean the internet. Scribe is the one we turn to for the true events of the hash. Scribe keeps all records of the mismanagements orgy held when ever.

Hare Raiser, Run Counter, Pimp – Spanks the Turkey!

The Hare Raiser’s goal is to “trick” Hares into “laying hashers” trail and providing free beer during the trail (free beer is not mandatory but appreciated by all the cheap assholes) for future hashes to cum. Pimpin aint easy and the Hare Raiser is the one that will take your money before the hares lay the hash. He will keep a record of all the lays you have been apart of. PIMPIN AINT EASY.

 Hash Flash –  N/A – I don’t think we have a camera do we?

Hypothetically a Hash Flash documents the history of the hash and takes photos of all the hashers in their best of moments so a fellow hasher can remember that time they did a butt chug (not to be confused with the urban dictionary definition of butt chug).

Hash Raffler – N/A

Our beloved Hash Raffler is responsible for taking gifts from other hashers and re-gifting them to the other hashers for money. Raffler is the source of the cheapest booze you can find, if you are lucky enough to win, wine, beer, liquor, and some colored paper you could wipe your ass with. Raffler is a cunning SOB and will make you feel like a winner while taking all your money.

Haberdasher – Slither

A Haberdasher is that annoying car salesman continually trying to sell fellow hashers BBH3 gear. Make sure you look fly when you roll up with a BBH3 Hash t-shirt, mug, coozy, vest and other stuff you need but don’t want!

Song Meister – Somebody? All of you assholes?

Someone who loves to sing and sing about other hashers misfortune. At a moments notice, the Song Meister has a song for every situation.

Beer Meister – $10 Oar

The Beer Meister leads a lonely thankless life receiving sexual favors for passing beer out to thirsty and willing beer guzzlers and ensuring the circle stays wet for the entire circle with beer, for all reasons bestowed by the RA or guilty accused.

Web Administripper Head With My MOM

The Web Masturbater when his hands arn’t stuck to mouse and his screen is wiped off, is responsible for making sure the BBH3 website is loaded with viruses from random porn pages. Eventually getting around to the stuff no one cares two shits about, hashes here and abroad, news about the STD’s being passed around in the circle, photos of everyone’s dicks or their breasts (TITTIES, TITS, JUGS, TIG OL BITTIES, MELONS, DIRTY PILLOWS, KNOCKERS, CANS, HEADLIGHTS, MAMMARIES, FUNBAGS, MOUNDS, HIGHBEAMS, MILK FACTORIES RACK, TA-TA’S) sorry got excited and thought I was searching, and other information that inevitably no one reads or cares about.

The Don, Hash Cash – Tongue of the Prophet

There are many players in the hash and the Don likes to think that he is in charge, but the only thing he is in charge of is a box with money. He keeps all the Mismanagement straight when it comes to the box and makes sure all the hashers has the dough to accomplish shit like awards and events. Kiss the hand when you see him.