How to Hash

What is Hashing:

Hashing – the name is derived from the original sport of hare chasing – is an international phenomenon that originated in Kuala Lumpur in 1938, when a group of British colonial officers and expats began meeting on a Monday evening to run. A hash blends running with orienteering as groups of “hounds” chase a chalk “hare” across city and country, treading the previous weekend’s excesses into the pavement.

The Link below is a good starting place to learn what hashing is all about, but the best way is simply to show up at one of our events! Be sure to remember who or what made you cum!

What is the Hash House Harriers for Simpletons


Hash Jargon:

Some of the Jargon used to at the Hash that may be foreign to hash virgins.

 Are You? A plea for help. A Hound who is not on the trail and wants to know if anyone else is. The reply should be either CHECKING, LOOKING or ON ON.
Check A cunning trap to put the hounds off the trail and slow them down, it also enables back runners to catch up.
Down Down The act of consuming a full tankard of beer in one or less gulps. If you do not get it down the balance should be poured over your head – or down your pants. Newcomers, leavers, celebrators, and anyone else who deserves it can be invited to do a down down.
 False trail (Falsie) Usually found after a check. A false trail can be of any length, depending on the level of nastiness of the hare. If you find it, go back to the check and look in another direction. Note: Falsies are seldom or never come across by the back runners, and are employed mainly to keep the FRBs from not getting to the beer too early.
FRB Also known as front running bastards, they are those silly people who run on a hash.
Hare The person who lays the trail. They are totally responsible for any cock-ups which occur and are therefore, eligible to receive the hash-shit award.
Hash Cash The Hash treasurer who is usually BUSY financing his mistress, new car, next holiday etc etc ect with misappropriated Hash funds.
Hash Horn It’s usually an old hunting horn or military bugle used to rally the pack or as signal pointer for the back markers. It may also be a rare occurrence for most Hashmen.
Mismanagement The complete group of incompetents who are responsible for the order or disorder of the Hash.
Hash Hooch Also known as the Beer Meister. The person responsible for keeping the Hash supplied with ice cold piss every week.
Hash Mash This is the food that the Hare has arranged to go with your beer. This can vary from a veritable gastronomic feast to victuals that could not readily be described as animal, mineral or vegetable.
Hash Thrash A good smash-up party, held as often as possible and up to 365 times a year.
Hound Anyone who follows the Hare. They pay their weekly dues – If they don’t – they have Hash Cash chasing them.
HWOD The term for Hashmen Without Dicks – female Hashers
Looking A call that is made when the trail has been lost and the pack is searching for it. This is not used when you are on a check and are looking for new trail.
ON ON Called during the run when you are on the trail. The call markings the rear runners who may not be able to see the front runners but at least can hear them.
On In The end of the trail and the start of the debauchery.
SCB Short Cutting Bastard. To be a successful SCB requires great skill and cunning. A SCB has to try to make it appear that they have run the whole trail when in fact they have only done about half of it.
Hash Shit A weekly award made for some particularly nasty effort. It could be either good or bad. The award is held until someone else does better or worse. See Shit Awards on the songs and rituals page for more information.
Hare Raiser A member of the mismanagement who tries to organize the hares and inform the other members of the date, venue and hares of upcumming runs.

Trail Markings:

(Trail Markings are laid with a bio-degradable material such as Street Art Chalk or Flour)


dot Dot is a trail marker showing the location of the trial.
arrow An Arrow indicates which direction to go useful for road and intersection crossings or areas which the hounds may get confused.
falsey A Falsie indicates that the Hare hates you and you need to turn back and search for the true trail after the last check.
which way Which Way indicates that the trail splits this could show two different routes or one true trail and one falsie.
withpartner This symbol forces the hounds to wait for a partner to proceed. The two hounds must link arms and skip With Partner until the next trail indicator is seen and the hounds have shouted, “ON-ON!”
becareful Be careful is used to alert hounds to areas of danger and to proceed with caution.
check A circle with dots indicates a Check, Checks are placed to allow time for slower hounds to catch up. The dots in the center of the check indicate how many possible trails are within 50 meters of the check.
song check A Song Check is different from a standard check in that it indicates that in order to proceed a group of hounds must sing a song of their choosing and generally has no falsies attached to it.
wrong way Wrong Way arrow is useful to indicate to hounds that they are going the wrong way and need to backtrack on the trail to find the right direction.
true trail Indicates Tue Trail until the next check or ON-IN.
beernear The Beer Near symbol shows that a Beer Check is very Near and
Beer Check The Beer Check symbol indicates that’s it time for what hashing is all about.
onin ON-IN represents the end of the trail and the hounds may proceed to the circle area for beer and debauchery.

Hare Guidelines:

1. If you’ve never Hared a Hash please assist a Hare first to learn the in’s out’s, in’s out’s, in’s out’s, in’s out’s, and in’s and outs.

2. Pick a Hash day you’d like to Hare.

  • It’s suggested that you employ another Hasher to help lay the trail if a static trail, lead the walkers to the Beer Check and then back to the Circle, and prepare the Hash Mash.

3. Inform the Hair Raiser of the date and who’s assisting you Hare the Hash.

4. As the Bahrain Black Hash is full of stingy Bastards and there is no reimbursement for Beer Check Beer, flour, chalk or Hash Mash. So Haring is completely voluntary Hash Mash is not required but definitely will increase your Hare Rating.

5. Pick a Start with plenty of legal parking and a semi-secluded area to hold the ON-IN.

6. Pick the places for your Beer Check(s) ahead of time.

  • If you choose to have the Beer Check(s) in a Bar inform said bar, “Around 5:30 pm a group of 20-50 sweaty heathen will be showing up demanding beer.” This method cuts the cost of Beer for Beer Check(s) as the Hounds are the owns paying for the beer. KEEP THE DAMN BEER CHECKS CHEAP! Hasher like their Beer like they like their women!
  • If your Beer Check(s) Beer is supplied by you and not a bar, ensure the Beer is cold and the Check is in a secure location away from prying eyes of Non-Hashing Bastards (Especially during Ramadan).

7. The Day of the Hash (Hares don’t pay for the run or to drink the Hash Beer).

  • Prepare the Hash Mash for after the Circle or pick a spot for ON-AFTER with Food if you don’t want to prepare the mash.
  • Lay the trail before the Hash if you choose to have the trail be static.
  • If you choose to lay a live trail you will be given a 5-15 minute head start while the hounds conduct Father Abraham stretches (If the hounds catch you: You may lose an article of clothing).
  • Have one Hare Hash with the Hounds and one Hare lead the walkers (if static trail).
  • If you prepared Hash Mash Feed the Hashers after the circle, or inform them of a place nearby for an ON-AFTER for a pint and a nibble.