About Us

What is the Bahrain Black Hash House Harriers (BBH3)

The Bahrain Black Hash a drinking club with a running problem! We host weekly runs or “hashes” every Saturday. Traditionally, the run will start one hour before sunset! Please check the run page for official run time!

Why Hash?? Well if you are looking to have a laugh, get in shape and or drink a beer.. then come join us!! Your first run is free!

How to Join: Joining the hash is as simple as showing up to one of the runs! Simply find out where the next hash is by checking on the run page and bring some money for a beer stop!

Run Fee: BD 1 – Run + Down Downs + awards (if any)

Hares do not pay the run fee as they put in the effort to lay trail. Hares rewarded with free beer during the circle. If you want to lay a trail speak to the committee!

The BD 1 fee goes to the hash to keep the website running as well as the beers flowing!

Run Awards: An Award will be given out time to time to those hashers who have completed 10, 25, 50, 69, and 100 runs and every 50 runs after that.

What to remember:
Your Hash name… (Or your real name if you’re a virgin or have never been named which then your name is “Just * put name here*”.) Where you’re from… and Who or What made you “come” to the hash.